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DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. introduces Author Phil Force and his title, “Letters from Limbo” — September 14, 2014

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. introduces Author Phil Force and his title, “Letters from Limbo”

Letters from Limbo, by Phil Force

Welcome Mr. Phil Force and his title, “Letters from Limbo” to be released fall 2014.

This is a story of survival and it is a memoir of Mr. Force’s experiences in the diagnosis and recovering of brain tumor and ultimately brain cancer. At the mere tender age of 20, Phil found he was suffering from the tumor growing in the third ventricle of his brain.

This is a compelling memoir, which shares the triumphs and the emotions as well as back-story of a journey toward cancer survival.

Many believe a spiritual world links to ours; that there are energies in this world we are often blind to. What is it that makes us so quick to condemn someone when they can sense this world that we have to have faith in? What makes us so sure we are right?


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2017 – Ringing in the New Year! — January 3, 2017

2017 – Ringing in the New Year!

PrintWith the advent of a new year, sensibilities rise to the forefront of our mind. Perhaps more than a birthday, the new year sings its own reverie to get our ducks in a row, to begin again to tow the mark, bids us to turn the page and start anew. Yes, the new year taunts us to envision the horizon and see the future by improving our focus. The festivities are over – winter is settling in and she proves to be a preponderance of resolution our inner being innately underscores in its need for reparation toward the achievement of our newest creative seeds and their triumphant emergence in the springtime for summer’s consumption and fall’s exuberance.

As a fledgling entrepreneur / small business connoisseur, having experienced equally great successes and failures, it is time to embrace the season and refresh business acumen, ideologies and direction. It is time to take successes into the future, and to comprehend lessons-learned from entrepreneurial failures of the past, in order to benefit clients, customers, readers and authors universally in our future.

In order to enact benefits, change is required. So, throughout the month of January 2017, change is the plan of the hour. And, will be introduced as the month progresses to enrich government and commercial clients and customers, as well as literary and non-fiction readers and authors.

Both dpInk Company Ltd. and DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. wish each of you happiness, prosperity, and health throughout 2017!

dpInk Affirmation Dailies — June 13, 2015
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